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Your Hometown Team Founded In 1999, We've Been Serving The St. Louis & St. Charles region for over 15 years.

Your Hometown Team


Promoting Cleanliness

We’re not just removing dirt – we’re adding value!

When asked “what makes Pinnacle Plus different from your competition,” I say the answer is simple: We’ve created a culture within our company that dictates customer satisfaction is our top priority, and there’s just no compromising on that point. It’s the driving force behind all aspects of our business, from our pricing and satisfaction guarantee to our quality assurance measures, but it really starts with our hiring.

Pinnacle Plus Services has developed a staffing strategy that is unique to the industry. Like other companies, we seek to hire experienced people who enjoy cleaning, but we also look for folks that understand satisfying the customer is just as important to their job as cleaning. It requires a different way of thinking: It’s the difference between, “my work is finished when the cleaning is done” and “my work is completed once I know the customer is satisfied with the service I provided today.” Cleaning is, of course, the means to the end, but the goal is making the customer happy.

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