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Reasons for Property Managers to Hire a Cleaning Service

Like any other business, a property manager’s business can benefit immensely from having efficient systems and the right people. Systems help to simplify repetitive or complex processes. They allow the manager to put many aspects of their work on autopilot.  

But just as important as systems is having the right people in the right place. Managing one rental property is a highly demanding responsibility. But with more than one rental property to manage, that difficulty is multiplied many times over for property managers.

Property managers must market the rental and screen prospective renters. They must see to the needs of existing tenants. And they must ensure that tenants respect the terms of the lease. But perhaps, the hardest part of the manager’s job is maintaining the physical structures of the home.

The manager must ensure that the home is in the same state of livability that it was in before tenants arrived. But to do this, property managers need a wide selection of handymen and professionals. And one of the areas where they need help the most is with cleaning the property.

Why is this?

Why cleaning is important in a rental property?

Cleaning can be the deciding factor in whether a prospective tenant rents or not. Unlike other aspects of rental property maintenance, the level of cleanliness begins to show from the moment visitors approach the front door. An improperly cleaned home makes a poor first impression.

Cleaning is particularly important in the period between tenants; when a previous tenant has left and the property is being marketed to new tenants. Prospective tenants expect a vacant rental to be cleaned to the point where it looks as if no one has ever lived in it.

Doing this requires time and expertise, which property managers often do not have. The home must have its windows and doors, carpets and floors, sinks and faucets, toilets and tiles, as well as kitchen appliances thoroughly cleaned in a timely fashion.

The way that a property manager approaches cleaning determines the speed with which they will be able to put the home back on the market. It also determines the quality of cleaning they get. And the quality of cleaning can affect the quality of tenants that are attracted to the home.

In short, hiring a professional cleaning company is one way for property managers to maintain the highest standard of professionalism in their business. By doing this the manager gives themselves the chance to become even better than they already are.

Here are the benefits a professional cleaning company brings to a property manger’s business.

Reasons why property managers should hire a cleaning service

The highest standard of cleanliness

Everyone defines cleanliness differently. Property managers, tenants, and amateur cleaners all have their standards of cleanliness. But these standards are defined by personal preferences, experiences, and expectations. This is why conflicts often arise when landlords hire amateur cleaners. The cleaner thinks they have done a good job, but the manager disagrees.

With a professional cleaning service, this problem is solved because the company has a global standard for cleaning which exceeds the standards and expectations of both the property manager and tenants.

The quickest turnover possible

The moment a rental property becomes vacant, a countdown begins. And the longer it takes to get the home back on the market, the greater the potential rental income that is lost. Although managers want the home to be ready in time, they also have to think about how well it is cleaned.

Many times, property managers must sacrifice their desire to have the home ready in time to ensure that it is properly cleaned. But by hiring a professional cleaning service the manager is guaranteed the highest level of cleanliness in the shortest possible time. This turnover period can be as short as twenty-four or even the same day.

Professional cleaners ensure huge savings

Using a professional cleaning service saves property managers some money because the cleaner helps to lower the cost of maintaining the property. Good cleaning reduces the wear and tear on a property by completely removing dirt that lingers on surfaces and accelerates their breakdown.

They also have the expertise to remove bacteria and dust from hidden crevices. And even more importantly, they use the right cleaning products and techniques that preserve the quality of the surfaces and materials they clean.

They help property managers make more money

In the property business, making the right impression can make all the difference. Tenants don’t mind paying more if they feel that a home offers more value. The right kind of cleaning creates a perception of greater value in the tenant’s mind. This allows property managers to charge higher rents, which attracts higher-quality tenants.

Quality tenants look after a property better. This results in a virtuous cycle where the property manager is making more money on rent, while also saving more and more money on maintenance.

In conclusion, a professional cleaning service is one of the most important allies a property manager needs to optimize the performance of their business.