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How to Spruce Up Your New Business HQ before Moving In

How to Spruce Up Your New Business HQ before Moving In

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3 Mar

How to Spruce Up Your New Business HQ before Moving In

In most cases, former tenants do not leave business premises in good condition. Even with the best predecessor, you’ll probably have a few issues to fix.

Sometimes in serious cases, you could be compelled to have days of cleaning up the new HQ before commencing your business. Remember office cleaning in St Louis should be the first step to take before shifting. Sometimes there might be overlooked places like vents and store cupboards which has not been cleared out for a while, which might harbor all sorts of messes that you are likely to encounter in a new business location. Before your space looks as professional as you would like it to, there is a lot you might need to take in your stride. Some top tips for cleaning your new business HQ are highlighted here.

Tips for Cleaning your New Business HQ

Work from the Top Down

When cleaning your new business HQ, consider working from the top down when putting your new office space in order to ensure you do not undo any of your hard work. This involves doing the first things first. For instance, it is not ideal for painting the ceiling after you have washed the walls. Similarly, you cannot begin with sanding your floorboards before painting the walls. You can also choose to skip the paint job if your buildings painted walls are not looking too bad but instead just give them a quick refresh mixture of warm water and a squeeze of washing up liquid and also a dash of white wine vinegar. What you will need is just a soft cloth to gently wash walls with this mixture in order to remove dirty marks.

Hoover Everything

A hoover will enable you to get to those hard to reach places. It is effective for cleaning the floor and reduce the risks of allergy break out. This will greatly save you time since you will be able to get rid of dust including cobwebs on ceilings and walls faster compared to using a duster or any other old fashioned method of cleaning.

Get Proper Cleaning Gear for the Floor or Hire Commercial Cleaning in St Louis (at a fraction of the cost)

Investing in a cleaning kit which will take care of your business floor can cost you a lot initially. On the other hand, whether your wood floor is either scratched or dinked or even dented and stained, or the carpeting seems to be grubby and coffee-splattered, the best option is hiring janitorial services in St Louis MO that will give your surfaces a proper revamp, leaving the space looking and feeling very clean and fresh.

DoNot Miss Small Things

Often people overlook small cleaning aspects of new office space. It is essential that before you move in, you should double-check these spots to ascertain that your new offices are conducive for your team. Some people forget small aspects such as the air conditioning vents which often get clogged at the vent, tucked-away areas in bathrooms including behind toilets and sinks and the tops of file shelves where dust and grime accumulate very quickly.

Remember office cleaning St Louis services is the best approach you can take before shifting to your new business space.