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Boost Your Employee Satisfaction with Office Cleaning Service

Boost Your Employee Satisfaction with Office Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning Services
12 Dec

Boost Your Employee Satisfaction with Office Cleaning Service

Selecting a good commercial office cleaning service is just a beginning. When you have picked a janitorial service or service cleaner, how do you know they are doing a good job? How to find whether there is a problem with your office cleaning service?

So, it is very essential to read and understand about their service exactly, that what is being cleaned and how often, before you sign the office cleaning contract.

You should include the following questions to answer by the cleaning contract service…

  • Who will be cleaning my office?
  • What are their qualification and experience?
  • How often will my office be cleaned?
  • What happens if any appointment is missed?
  • What are the jobs included?
  • What are the tools, cleaning supplies and equipment used for cleaning?

Once you know the answers for these questions, you will be in a much better position to evaluate your office cleaning services in St. Louis works.

If you are already having a service and still have confusions about whether their service is good or not, continue reading to make sure your office cleaning service is doing well…

Things to Know

How can you know that your cleaning service is doing well, if you are not clear about the things, for what you are paying…? Confirm the following things…

  • What your office cleaning services are supposed to clean?
  • How often should they be cleaning?
  • What are the jobs that included in your contract?
  • What about cleaner’s work schedule?

Many cleaning services in St. Louis concentrate on several kinds of services that include…

  • Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly
  • Dusting Of All Surfaces
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Window Washing
  • Vacuuming, Mopping Of Floors
  • Trash Removal
  • Polishing Of Brass & Stainless Steel Fixtures

Check their work and ensure that your employees are satisfied

Once the cleaners have finished their work/services, take your time to review their work.

  • Does it match what have included in the contract?
  • Whether some areas being missed without cleaning?
  • Are you finding any other problems with their work?

As an office manager or business owner, you have to ask your co-workers or employees to clarify whether the cleaners are doing their job perfectly. If they are not satisfied, enquire them what could be improved? Or as them do they have any other specific problems with the cleaning service.

To know about their feedbacks, use email survey to make it simple and save your employee’s time.  Consider their answers and come to the conclusion. If they are satisfied, kindly encourage and reward the cleaners for their service. If things aren’t clear, make a call to the appropriate cleaning company to make things perfect. Explain the problems that you and your employees have been noticed, if needed take the pictures and email them.

Hope this information helps you to know whether your office cleaning service is doing well or not. And, now you can take the necessary steps to improve. Have a Happy Environment!